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Hi all,

I am looking for any information for Nicolas Joseph DERUELLE:

Born circa 1806, where is unknown
Died circa 1861, Annoeullin, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

and his wife Pacifique Joseph JOUVENAUX:
Born circa 1802, where is unknown
Died circa 1861, Annoeullin, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

They were married 20 Feb 1830 in Bruay-sur-Escaut, France

Merci beaucoup!
Hello Marisa,

"Hi": are you australian?

Follow me!

AM Nicolas Joseph DERUELLE-Pacifique Joseph JOUVENAUX 20/02/1830 Bruay sur Escaut

Site des ADN en ligne, µfilm : 5_Mi_56_R_018, N°15 p 266/1086 .

AN Nicolas Joseph DERUELLE 20/10/1806 Bruay sur Escaut

Site des ADN en ligne, µfilm : 5_Mi_56_R_017, N°92 p 407/1086 .


--------Éric Lhermitte.
Thank you for the links Eric. Unfortunately I can't read it very well. I know it is the marriage documents for DERUELLE x JOUVENAUX. Does the record contain any family members?
Hello Marisa,

I don't understand exactly what do you to know or find. Would you explain your request please.

Hi Marisa, bonjour Eric, bonjour à tous,

Dans son dernier message, Marissa explique qu'elle ne sait pas lire la totalité du contenu de l'acte de mariage et demande s'il y a des parents cités dans le même acte.
Pour Eric, les coordonnées de Marissa semblent claires: San Diego California sous entendu et sans ambiguité aux USA.

Please find hereafter the main détails include in the marriage record between DERUELLE Nicolas Joseph and JOUVENAUX Pacifique Joseph February 20, 1830 Bruay-sur-Escaut (59)

DERUELLE Nicolas Joseph 23 years, coal miner, living in Bruay, born on October 20, 1806 Bruay-sur-Escaut (59),
son of
-deceased Philippe Joseph, coal miner in Anzin mines when living, dead on February 18, 1809 Condé-sur-Escaut. In fact on this day he was taken out of the Escaut river, he was disappeared for one month.
Death record: 5 Mi 51 R 008 view 334/1229
- deceased BISIAUX Marie Joseph, dead on July 15, 1817 Valenciennes (59)
Death record: 5 Mi 55 R 046 view 1246/1321

JOUVENAUX Pacifique Joseph 27 years, spinner, living in Bruay, born on April 18, 1802 Bruay-sur-Escaut (59)
daughter of
- deceased Jacques Joseph, coal miner when living, dead on October 26, 1804 (record dated 6 brumaire 13) Bruay-sur-Escaut (59)
Death record: 5 Mi 56 R 017 view 365/1086
- DESJARDIN Marie Reine, spinner, living in Bruay

-1- RICHEZ François, 43 years, coal miner
-2- DEVALLEZ Olivier Mathieu Joseph, 64 years, coal miner
-3- DEVALLEZ Auguste Joseph, 29 years, coal miner
-4- DASSONVILLE Augustin Joseph, 39 yeas, farmer
all living in Bruay
1 and 2 uncles of the bride on the mother side
3 cousin of the bride on the mother side
4 not part of the family

By the end of the record, Nicolas Joseph and Pacifique Joseph being just married, declare that a female child was born from them, the birth was registered in the register of Civil records of Bruay-sur-Escaut on August 20, 1827 under the name of Rosalie DESRUELLE, and they recognize her as their legitimate child.

Additional information:
DERUELLE Nicolas Joseph died on March 28, 1870 Bauvin (59)
Death record 5 Mi 48 R 018 view 1096/1164

Thanks again Eric for the records. Also, thank you Christian for the translation.

I do have a question about the date of death of one of the children of DERUELLE X JOUVENAUX:
A son, Pierre Joseph DERUELLE, born 27 Nov 1837 Bruay-sur-Escaut

I also have a question about the date of death of Pacifique Joseph JOUVENAUX.

Should I open another thread for each question?
Hello Marisa,

AM Pierre Joseph DERUELLE-Marie Joseph HIEN 16/11/1861 Annoeullin

Site des ADN en ligne, µfilm : 5_Mi_48_R_014 , N°32 p 239/700 .


Merci beaucoup Eric!
Hi Marisa, bonjour Eric, bonjour à tous,

Dans son message du 10 octobre, Marisa demandait les dates de décès de Pierre Joseph DERUELLE °27 novembre 1837 Bruay-sur-Escaut et de Pacifique Joseph JOUVENAUX épouse de Nicolas Joseph DERUELLE.

Unfortunately, no news about the dates of death of Pierre Joseph and his mother Pacifique Joseph JOUVENAUX.
Regarding Pacifique Joseph we just know that she died after March 18, 1870. The content of the death record of her husband Nicolas Joseph DERUELLE is clear about that. I have investigated many localities belonging to North Department nearby Bauvin without success. Pacifique Joseph has possibly moved to Pas-de-Calais since this other Department is quite close.

Looking for more details about children of DERUELLE Nicolas Joseph x JOUVENAUX Pacifique Joseph gives the following result:
-1- DERUELLE Rosalie °August 20, 1827 Bruay-sur-Escaut
-2- DERUELLE Pierre Joseph °March 22, 1830 Bruay-sur-Escaut
-3- DERUELLE Séraphin Joseph °December 12, 1831 Bruay-sur-Escaut
-4- DERUELLE Henri Joseph °March 25, 1834 Bruay-sur-Escaut
-5- DERUELLE Honorine °September 11, 1835 Bruay-sur-Escaut
-6- DERUELLE Pierre Joseph °November 27, 1837 Bruay-sur-Escaut
-7- DERUELLE Albertine °December 16, 1839 Lourches
-8- DERUELLE Augustin °May 10, 1842 Lourches

Having no information about the locations of the death of Pierre Joseph DERUELLE and Pacifique Joseph JOUVENAUX, I think we may continue on this thread unless forum administrators consider that these researchs to be made in a different way.

Have a nice day
Thank you Christian for all your research. This is all great info that I didn't have before. I have one last question and then I'll move on to the parents of Nicolas Joseph DERUELLE.

The records state that JOUVENAUX Pacifique Joseph and DESJARDIN Marie Reine were "spinners"...what exactly were spinners?
Bonjour Marisa, bonjour à tous,

First of all, an additonal child for DERUELLE Nicolas Joseph x JOUVENAUX Pacifique Joseph family:

-9- DERUELLE still born (female child) May 29, 1844 Lourches

Spinner: It is a term to design a person using a spinning mill or working in a spinning factory to manufacture yarn made of linen, wool, cotton or synthetic fibers today. Yarn is used in weaving industry.
If you know a better word, don't hesitate to give it.

As already esplained, parents of Nicolas Joseph DERUELLE are:

DERUELLE Philippe Joseph °abt 1758 Bruay-sur-Escaut +Fébruary 18, 1809 Condé-sur-Escaut
x October 30, 1794 (9 Brumaire 3) Petite-Forêt (59)
BISIAUX Marie Joseph °abt 1772 Bruay-sur-Escaut +July 15, 1817 Valenciennes (59)
We have various spelling for BISIAUX: BISSIAUX, BISIEAUX

and parents of Philippe Joseph are:
DERUELLE Jean Philippe
VILLAIN Anne Françoise.

To work on the parents, you have to open a new thread on the Hainaut Forum.


Merci beaucoup Christian for explaining spinner and for the additional information. I will open a new thread on the Hainaut forum.
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