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My apologies for writing this post in English - I live in the US and my French is not as good as I would like it to be so I feel. I should be able to understand any replies, but writing would not express my question clearly I think.

I was born as Wim Van Uxem, renamed Deweerd after adoption. I'm trying to explore my family lineage along my mother's side (Aurora Van Uxem). I have been able to find some information online, but now got stuck, so I was hoping someone in this forum could help me along. My trail leads me to Boezinge, Ieper, Duinkerke, Steenvoorde. I have the birth certificates up to Gustave Leopold so I'm not 100% sure about the line before that.

Van Uxem

Jacques Mathieu Van Uxem, °1720 te Steenvoorde, + voor 1802 te Steenvoorde, &Jeanne Wandrief (°1720 te Steenvoorde en + voor 1802 te Steenvoorde).
Zoon: Nicolas Josephus Van Uxem

Nicolaus Josephus Van Uxem (Nicolas Joseph), °1743 te Steenvoorde, +4 Mei 1802 te Ieper &Constantia Josephina Barbara Jacob (Geboren te Winnezele en overleden 10-12-1852 te Ieper)
Zoon: Alexander Petrus Van Uxem
Zoon: Petrus Josephus Desire Van Uxem

Alexander Petrus Josephus Van Uxem/Alexandre Pierre Joseph VANUXEM, °31 Mei 1795 te Duinkerke, +22 februari 1855 te Ieper, kleermaker, &Regina Benedicta Ampen(s)/Reine Bénédicte AMPEN (geboren 22 augustus 1797 te Cassel, gestorven 3 juli 1859 te Ieper).
Zoon: Gustavus Leopoldus Van Uxem
Dochter: Octavia Lucia Van Uxem (Octavie Lucie), °omstreeks 1840, &25-02-1865 met Ludovicus Henricus Coor(e)n te Ieper.

Gustavus Leopoldus (Gustave Leopold) Van Uxem °18 november 1837 te Ieper, Brievendrager
&11/4/1862 te Boezinge met Lucia Sophia Vandaele (overleden 01-11-1877 te Langemark)
-Zoon: Julius/Jules (Juliaan Edward) Van Uxem, Smid te Izegem, °1863, +1953
-Dochter (geadopteerd) : Marie Louise Van Uxem °22-10-1861 te Boezinge, Modemaakster. & te Langemark 02-06-1885 met Karel Louis Menu, °25-02-1849 te Merkem, briefdrager.
-Dochter: Pharailde Van Uxem, 1870-1963
-Zoon:Arthur Van Uxem
-Dochter: Felicie Van Uxem
Gehuwd op 10 april 1879 met Amelia Sophia Vanderhaeghe te Langemark, zonder beroep, ° 1/13/1843 te Langemark, dochter van Ludovicus Franciscus Vanderhaeghe (° omstreeks 1792 Westrozebeke)
-Zoon: Florimond Leon Van Uxem 1879, gehuwd met Antonia Stubbe op 11 oktober 1905
-Zoon: Jerome Van Uxem 1882
-Dochter: Maria Van Uxem 1883
-Zoon: Antonius Van Uxem 1885-1938

Van Uxem Florimond Leon ° Langemark 18-11- 1879
° geh Zedelgem 11-10- 1905 met Stubbe Antonia
° Torhout 28-11- 1883
+ Torhout 14-09- 1966
+ Roeselare 22-06- 1958
Zoon: Gustaaf Van Uxem

Van Uxem Gustaaf ° Roeselare 25-03- 1908
Geh Roeselare op 5-02- 1931 met Vantomme Yvonne
+ Roeselare 20-09- 1991

- Anne-Marie ° XXXXXX
- Rose-Marie ° XXXXXX
- Carmen ° XXXXXX
- Aurore-Simone XXXXXX
Gehuwd XXXXXX met Deweerd Tillo XXXXXX
+ Brugge 04-11- 2009
Kinderen: Wim XXXXXX

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Hello Wim,

This forum is normally dedicated to France and the rules forbid us to cross the border.
Alexandre Pierre Joseph VANUXEM married Reine Benoite AMPEN in Ieper (Belgium) on 31 May 1820. He is the son of Nicolas Joseph and Constance Joséphine Barbe JACOB. She is the daughter of Benoit and Françoise STOFFAES. (Source : https://www.vrijwilligersrab.be/ a good source in Belgium)

Nicolas Joseph VANUXEM married Josephe Constance Barbe JACOB in Dunkerque on 14 September 1784 (http://www.archivesdepartementales.lenord.fr DUNKERQUE > 5 Mi 027 R 045 page 104). According to it, he is 40 y.o. geboren in Steenvoorde and the son of Matthieu Jacques (° Bailleul, France) and Jeanne Catherine WINDRIF (° Steenvoorde). she is 21, ° Winnezeele (France) fa Jacques Michel (° Winnezeele) et Angélique SIMON (° Winnezeele).

Matthieu Jacques VANUXEM married Jeanne Catherine WINDRIF in Steenvoorde on 23 October 1742 (http://www.archivesdepartementales.lenord.fr STEENVOORDE > 5 Mi 038 R 027 page 328). It is said that he is 32 and she is 24.

The only Matthieu Jacques VANUXEM born in Bailleul around the estimated date is the one christened on 15 February 1710, fs Jacques and Marie Anne ANNICKE.

Jacques Matthieu VANUXEM (+ 18 September 1758 St Sylvestre Cappel) married Marie Anne ANNICKE (+ 16 March 1760 St Sylvestre Cappel) in Steenvoorde on 5 February 1709. The 7 other children were born in St Sylvestre Cappel (France).

Jeanne Catherine WINDRIF was christened in Steenvoorde on 30 March 1718. She is the daughter of Pierre Jacques (+ 16 May 1748 Steenvoorde) and Marie Catherine DESEIN (+ 18 July 1742 Steenvoorde), who got married in Steenvoorde on 5 November 1711.

Michel Jacques JACOB married Angélique SIMONE in Winnezeele on 30 October 1759. He is then aged 23 (° Winnezeele) and she is 35. Jacques Gislain JACOB is his father. Louis BERTELOOT is said to be his or her grandfather on the mother side.

There is no Michel Jacques JACOB born in Winnezeele around that date. He would be the son of the following two persons who moved to Winnezeele a bit after his birth around 1740 (° Jean Baptiste JACOB 15 March 1740 Winnezeele)

Jacques JACOB (+ 28 août 1761 Winnezeele) married Marie Françoise BERTELOOT in Winnezeele on 29 September 1734. Marie Françoise BERTELOOT married twice after Jacques JACOB's death. On 6 July 1762 in Winnezeele where she is said to be 53 and ° Winnezeele. On 10 April 1764 in Winnezeele where she is said to be 51 and ° Winnezeele.

You can get more here :

Bruno AMPEN married Marie Françoise STOFFAES in Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel on 11 Vendémiaire An III. According to the marriage elements, he is born around 1763 in Hardifort and the son of Pierre Jacques AMPEN and Isabelle BARBIER. She is born around 1771 in Noordpeene and the daughter of Pierre Joseph and Marie Madeleine VANHEEMS.

More elements on AMPEN family here :http://gw.geneanet.org/vantours?lang=fr&pz=christian&nz=vantours&ocz=1&p=bruno&n=ampen
More elements on STOFFAES family here : http://gw.geneanet.org/luctra?lang=fr&...offaes&oc=1

Hope this helps,

Projet Cousins de Flandre Intérieure
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Many thanks Arnaud - your help and expertise is very much appreciated! Yes, my family has been living in Belgium for several generations but seems to go back to the Nord area in France so I thought I'd ask for help in this forum. Any tips on researching through French databases are welcome. I have a reasonable resource for West Vlaanderen, but not so much for French resources.

Thanks again! Wim
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